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Meet carbmee, the environmental intelligent enterprise that guides organizations to net-zero 🌏

When Christian and I met last summer in the heart of Berlin-Mitte for the first time we did not intend to work together on a powerful & category-defining mission. We connected instantly based on our common past as professional handball players.

I told Christian about what I had been contemplating for the last few months: How software could help enterprises to decarbonize and reduce value chain emissions. I could not believe that companies commit to net-zero or science-based targets and are clueless about dealing with decarbonization of supply chains, even though they know that scope 3 causes up to 80% of the total corporate greenhouse gas emissions. We started discussing all the problems procurement, supply chain and decarbonization departments face in 2021:

Pressing problems involved a lack of high-quality data as well as procurement team and supplier understanding.

Christian is a B2B procurement, supply chain & digitalization “veteran” and at the same time a successful VC-backed entrepreneur and founder of scoutbee. He knows exactly how difficult it is to implement Enterprise SaaS. We quickly noticed that a successful management of scope 3 decarbonization meant building a scalable digital product with a world-class engineering team.

A software that extracts, combines and visualizes different data sources and at the same time delivers a raving user experience to operational teams. After more than 30 talks with industry experts we could categorize the most valuable problem/solution fit and started our decarbonization journey officially in the beginning of the year. In such a short time, we are proud to welcome incredible product talent and value-driving supporters at carbmee.

Our Mission 🚀

From a market and climate perspective, our mission is obvious: helping enterprises to integrate carbon (and environmental parameters) frictionless into procurement, supply chain, commercial & decarbonization departments. Thus, every decision is carbon-optimized and transparent. All these companies that made Germany unique as industry leader, have an incredible massive scope 3 footprint. All companies, having a supply chain, face the same problem of complexity

The industry as a whole can only achieve net-zero if we all stick in one direction: Decarbonization will only be successful with tool-based collaboration and outstanding leadership capabilities (like a team, same like handball 🤾).

Lessons from the Industry 📢

We would like to share some words from experienced C-level Executives about the difficulty and urgency of decarbonization in industry organizations:

Gisbert Rühl, Chief Executive Officer at Klöckner & Co SE and a pioneer of the digital transformation in the steel industry.
“Pressure is increasing from all sides to take climate action now”

51 billion tons of greenhouse gases are added to the atmosphere every year, seperated into the main sectors manufacturing, transportation, electricity and agriculture/nutrition. To decrease emissions in these areas on a global scale, we need breakthrough innovation in access, distribution and storage of zero-carbon energy, manufacturing processes, alternative engine technologies and/or artificial nutrition materials.

Software is there for decision-making, for understanding, for clear strategies, for prioritization and for raising awareness — especially purchasing decisions in B2B are super powerful regarding zero-carbon products or logistic processes. Procurement is more important than ever before. Carbon-optimized procurement leaders will be the heroes of successful enterprise decarbonization.

Software is there for finding the ratio of price & carbon, driving demand & supply to end consumers. A carbon-optimized value-chain has incredible macro economic and ecologic impact to drive net-zero.

The problem is insufficient access to high-quality data. Furthermore, Decarbonization is mostly perceived as a cost factor rather than a foresighted investment (contact us for carbmee’s RoD — Return on Decarbonization). Software is the key, as it enhances the operational efficiency and thus helps quickly to develop data-driven actions. It’s crucial that procurement and supply chain leaders integrate sustainability frictionlessly into their strategy for the next decade to prevent scope 3 emissions in the long run. In 2030, companies that do not execute decarbonization strategies will disappear.

Dr. Ulrich Piepel, former Chief Procurement Officer of RWE & Innogy, Senior Advisor to Boston Consulting Group and SAP Ariba.
“Climate Change will hit procurement like a Tsunami”

Procurement is working cross-functionally like no other department. Decisions can not be made in a central way, thus it is necessary to break it down into categories and suppliers. Procurement organizations lack high-quality data to make decisions for decarbonization, especially as purchasers are no climate experts. Increasing the number of employees in procurement makes less sense, as digitalization and automation enable procurement to cope with new challenges (like risk or spend analytics in the last decade). Digitize or Die!

Alexandra Morton, former SVP Supply Chain Management Europe of Adidas, former Senior Director SCM Unilever & Starbucks.
“C-Level strategies need targets with sufficient long-term effects on customer loyalty”

Achieving the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions along the supply chain is a complex challenge. Products are often primarily sourced or manufactured offshore, which makes supplier collaboration significantly more challenging. Due to inherent dependencies of supply chains on others, sustainable reduction of CO2 have mainly taken place at ‘in-house’ process points for FMCG enterprises and pilot projects have not always reached roll-out status. Innovative software is key — it helps teams to get a clear focus on hotspots and take data-based decisions and actions. A mindset shift at the executive level is also essential. Putting organizational efficiencies and cost considerations ahead of needed investments to reduce scope 3 emissions seems short-sighted as it will ultimately risk consumer loyalty and the potential loss of competitive advantage. It’s time to take action in this field with strong leaders on c-level.


What we are not ☝️

We know that many new ventures and mature companies are entering the “sustainability”-space (carbon accounting, climate tech, emission management, ESG platform, carbon assessments). There is just one earth, and we should focus all of our innovation, science and development power into the mitigation of climate change. If not, the damage is irreversible and our children and their children won’t experience the world in such a wonderful way as we could.

Carbmee does not promise to achieve climate neutrality with offsetting or developing decarbonization strategies on pretty-nice slide decks. We do not promise to decarbonize your enterprise & we are also not the saviors of the world.

What we are 👌

Our vision is the integration of carbon reduction into operational and strategic business decisions — a world in which you know the emissions of every-thing. We are a pure software company and are excited about working with the latest technologies to build very convincing products. We are a decision-making tool for enterprises to achieve the science-based targets in scope 3 faster than committed. The Environmental Intelligence System is built to provide a baseline for enterprises for fast, efficient and effortless decarbonization. In concrete, we empower your operational teams to analyze and reduce carbon emissions through collaboration in order to outperform your CEOs target of Net Zero in 2030 💪🏼.

Very happy to have Hendrik Beneke on board — with his outstanding experience as engineering leader in different enterprise and start-up software companies in Germany and Silicon Valley, he is responsible for our software engineering team.

What’s next? 👈

Are you facing the challenge of scope 3? Feel free to get in touch with us and figure out how technology can help your organization to decarbonize fast and without effort. Discover why our tool provides continuous value to your decarbonization journey.

Are you an impact-driven talent who wants to help our engineering team to build a product that defines the future of our planet or are you an impact-driven talent that wants to help carbmee growth? Feel free to reach out or apply directly at:

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We dedicate ourselves to decarbonization, because we want to spend our time & energy on this planet on something meaningful. From my (product-bias) perspective: There’s nothing cooler than building digital products with amazing people, starting a company, growing, learning and leaving something positive for our legacy. That gives us pride! 🙏

Christian, the whole carbmee team and I will help enterprises to cut their emissions into the direction of zero to avoid famines, diseases, poverty and death.

Feel free to get in touch with us:

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